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Sam is a natural storyteller.

Her experiences as a conservation biologist, photographer and writer, together with a life spent in Africa interlace to create a unique and fascinating lecture about the world around us.

She helps remind us that we share our planet.

Her message is inspirational, highly relevant, entertaining and practicable.

Talking Topics

Conservation Photography | Photojournalism | Marine Conservation | Sharks | Elephants | Terrestrial Conservation

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Wild Shots - Photojournalism - every picture tells a story

Iziko Museum, Cape Town, South Africa 2012

TEDx Saving Johannesburg’s Oceans

Johannesburg's ocean is in dire straits. Our ocean affects us all, and we should take care of it as if our lives depend on it. They do.

International Conservation Photography Awards 2012

Opening of the ICPA exhibition
Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture in Seattle, Washington, USA

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Sam gave a powerful and mesmerising talk about her inspirational work as a photojournalist.

Harriet Nimmo,

Wild Shots (SA) and founder of Wild Photos (UK)

Sam's talk on conservation photojournalism at Wildshots in Cape Town was an eye-opener. Not only did she give me a useful look inside how she goes about constructing award winning images, but she tells a damn good story too.

Cameron Ewart-Smith, editor, Getaway.

Some of the organisations Sam has worked with:

Panel | by Dr. Radut