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Published on 31/10/2017
Africa - without its penguins? A spine tingling shiver as cold as the Atlantic ran through me when I discovered that our very own penguin could disappear within my lifetime. The statistics are terrifying, and I had no wish to add to the doom and gloom by photographing dead penguins or dwindling colonies … I wanted to illustrate the plight of the African penguin in a way that grabs people and captures their interest. If I got this right – perhaps I could inspire people to join in and help...
Published on 29/10/2017
I was awarded 1st for Documenting a Conservation Project at Art Wolfe's International Conservation Photography Awards (ICPA) 2012 with the images I created at SANCCOB...
Published on 29/10/2017
Snapshot: Samantha Weinberg explains what happens at the Aldabra atoll in the Seychelles when the lagoon tides chip away at the coral... From above, the Aldabra atoll looks like a giant green fortress, adrift in the Indian Ocean. Approached at sea level it is more remarkable still, a protected paradise where nature has been left to form and crumble, grow, wither and regrow, undisturbed by human meddling. Aldabra, a World Heritage site, consists of four coral islands encircling a large central...